Signing a Contract

Only use this method if you have lots of time to devote to the every-day happenings like collecting rent, following up non-payments, dealing with defaults, overcoming illegal tenancy rules and regulations etc.

We do not recommend this method to inexperienced property owners who probably are unfamiliar with the many and varied legal issues of tenancy.
Avoid the pitfalls of managing your own property.
We can overcome any of your problems by covering the entire letting process from start to finish:-

  • We promote your empty property for letting to suitable clients.

  • We market your property on our website.

  • We put up our well-known 'To Let' signs featuring our easily recognizable logo.

  • We check each tenant's credentials and trustworthiness before commencing the tenancy.

  • We draw up a contract between us and the tenant on the agreed letting terms and provide a guarantor contract as long as he\she is UK based.

  • We can extend this tenancy contract for a further length of time - as necessary.