We are an extremely friendly team who wish to help our customers by making the task of renting a property as trouble free as possible.
We can arrange a viewing schedule either in advance or upon your arrival at the office. Choose which method works best for you and which saves you more time.
Normally we recommend that you arrange up to seven viewings in one day. After that you may suffer from "visual indigestion". We can fit in more viewings -if you wish - but remember you will need time to review your judgements and make subsequent changes to your viewing schedule.
We aim to provide the highest level of service in order to attract your custom. We do not show groups of people around the same property at the same time - en bloc - as we prefer to treat our clients as individuals.
We suggest that you and your co-tenants view each property together so that we do not disturb the present occupiers with numerous visits. This arrangement also allows your group to discuss the pros and cons of each house during the visits. It is also advisable to make lists of similar properties within the same range until you finally decide which one is best for you and your flat-mates.
From the Health and Safety perspective it is recommended that you do not view properties alone. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us as without you we would not be in business.